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Vitus Bilking

I began Shuri-Ryu Karate in Denmark in 1989 with Sensei Vitus Bilking. Unfortunately, due to much work and travelling at the time, I was forced to stop the training after only a couple of months, as I couldn't dedicate enough time to put the necessary work into it.

Sensei Bilking achieved 8th Dan in Okinawan Shuri-Ryu, 7th Dan in WKF, and had the title Renshi. He was the International Chief Instructor for Shuri-Ryu, which he introduced to Denmark in 1982. He was the Director of Kokusai Shurite Yudansha-Kai and held an International referee license in USKA since 1984. In 1979 he began his study of Shuri-Ryu Karate under the direction of Hanshi Ridgely Abele 9th Dan. Kyoshi Bilking won his first Danish National Championship in 1977 and was undefeated for six years in all categories.

Sensei Bilking lost a long battle with cancer in 2019. May he rest in peace.


In January 2003, I began Shindo Jinen Ryu Karate with Sensei Darrell Craig at Houston Budokan. I achieved 1st Kyu on January 2006, and while I tested for Black Belt in August 2007, I was kicked very hard during the sparring part of test, which resulted in such painful bruised ribs, that I completely lost concentration, and wasn't able to complete the test at a satisfactory level. I did not test for Black Belt again at this dojo, which I still regret. I left the dojo in 2012 as I had moved out of the area and was battling chronic severe migraines.

Darrell Crag is a 6th Dan in Shito Ryu Karate and have the title Kyoshi Shihan. Darrell Craig also have 7th Dan in Kendo and Junse Goshin Budo Jujitsu, and 6th Dan and below in many other martial art forms.
Kyoshi Shihan Darrell Craig was introduced to karate in 1956 while he was assigned to the Third Marine Division in Yokuska, Japan. His sensei was Gogen Yamaguchi at the Goju School. In 1958 he was transferred to Okinawa, and there he got to study under Sensei Shimabuku, a student of Chotoku Kyan, Choki Motobu, Chojun Miyagi & Tirara Shinkenin.

Sensei Darrell Craig owned and ran Houston Budokan in Houston, TX, where he apart from Karate also taught Judo, Jujitsu, Kendo, Kobudo, Iaido and more. Sensei Darrel Craig has since retired from teaching.

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Darrell Craig

Jeff Cuevas

After having dealt with a badly broken arm in 2013/14, I acted on a flyer in my mailbox in September 2014, and rejoined the Martial Arts by switching style to Taekwondo under the teachings of Master Jeff Cuevas.

After only 3 classes however, I was involved in a vehicle accident where I injured my back, so I had to take another break until May 2015.

In June 2017 I achieved SHODAN (1st degree Black Belt) in Taekwondo, and despite long breaks from being flooded from Hurricane Harvey 2 months later, having prioritized time at home, and of course Covid in 2020/21, I achieved NIDAN (2nd degree Black Belt) in Taekwondo in December 2021, and are currently waiting for Covid to reach a somewhat safer level before returning to Master Jeff Cuevas' public class.

In February 2022, I began Kajukembo under Grandmaster Burt Vickers, 9th DAN.

Burt Vickers


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